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Lincoln Electric LN-25X feeder Lincoln Electric

Lincoln Electric offers greater control with new LN-25X

Lincoln Electric recently introduced the LN-25X, a portable industrial wire feeder with CrossLinc and True Voltage Technology.

Designed for construction, pipe, metal fabrication, shipbuilding and rental fleet applications, the new feeder provides greater control with fewer cables to reduce movement, the company said.

The LN-25X is designed to safely and efficiently improve the welder’s experience, Lincoln Electric maintained, whether in a shipyard or 100 feet off the ground. Features include:

  • Adjustable wire run-in speed for softer starting
  • Arc hours meter
  • Bright digital meters for easy viewing, even in bright sunlight
  • English or Metric unit configuration
  • Maxtrac wire drive system for reliable feeding and durability
  • Optional flowmeter for easy gas flow adjustment at the feeder
  • Potted PC boards, providing moisture and corrosion protection
  • Replaceable and flame-resistant case to protect internal components
  • Split wire guide, which reduces birdnesting and allows for easy cleaning no-fuss wire guide alignment
  • Trigger interlock switch for operator comfort for long welds
  • Weld timers, including pre-flow, post-flow, and burn back

The LN-25X can be used in MIG and Flux-Cored processes, and is equipped with a variety of built-in technology. CrossLinc and True Voltage Technology improve all aspects of operation, providing safety, quality and improved productivity. The Maxtrac Wire Drive System, a heavy-duty cast aluminum wire drive system, is optimized for both soft and hard wires and offers easy wire-loading and cleaning.

For more information on the new LN-25X, visit

For more information on Lincoln Electric’s CrossLinc technology, visit

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