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Lincoln Electric Flextec 350X Lincoln Electric

Lincoln Electric launches new Flextec 350X PowerConnect

Lincoln Electric recently introduced the new Flextec 350X PowerConnect with CrossLinc technology, which the company says is a reliable and flexible multi-process electric welder that automatically connects to any power input worldwide, from 200 to 600 volts input.

This allows for the welder to be plugged in and used globally, as input powers are different based on power allowances, Lincoln Electric said.

Compatible with across-the-wire portable wire feeders, analog wire feeders, digital wire feeders and CrossLinc wire feeders, Flextec 350X is lightweight and portable for maximum flexibility. It has basic pulsed MIG capabilities for smoother, more consistent welds; and is equipped with CrossLinc technology to allow for weld output control at the wire feeder without additional control cables or having to change output levels at the power source, the company maintained.

Flextec 350X offers a streamlined and user-friendly operator panel with simple controls. Its components are designed to run cool for long life in high-temperature environments, and are fully encapsulated and environmentally protected for use outdoors.

Lincoln Electric Flextec 350X

Additional features include:

  • 1/3-phase, 50/60HZ input
  • Built on Lincoln Electric’s industry-proven design elements
  • IP23-rated for use outdoors and in harsh environments
  • Suited for simple commercial vehicle shop applications; pulsed GMAW when used with digital Power Feed wire feeders; and field construction when paired with CrossLinc technology enabled wire feeders
  • Lightweight and portable

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