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Quaantum FX gives long-term reliability

Hendrickson has introduced Quaantum FX complete with HNP or HUS long-life wheel ends.

Featuring hubcap-to-hubcap, limited warranties of five and seven years, the new Quaantum FX for vocational trailer applications melds suspension components including extended-service brakes and wheel ends, air springs, and shock absorbers, to work as part of a cohesive, long-life unit.

All Quaantum FX units feature a standard trailer Cam Tube System. This, along with Hendrickson Extended Service (HXS) brakes, compliment these wheel-end components : Hendrickson Unitized System (HUS) and the HNP with P90 spindle.

The HNP wheel end uses ADI (Dura-Light) material. It incorporates twin “N” inner bearings, an “R” seal, the patent-pending PRECISION320 nut system, and a patent-pending self-centering hubcap.

The HUS wheel end features a unitized system that reduces maintenance and helps increase uptime by eliminating seal and bearing replacement every 250,000 or 500,000 miles.

The P90 spindle, featured only on Quaantum FX suspensions, gives fleets the choice to use either wide-base or dual tires. This 90-mm parallel spindle also promotes even lubrication for the bearings.

Quaantum FX suspensions provide a self-centering hubcap. A tapped hole in the hubcap allows attachment of an alignment tool or hub odometer without jeopardizing the integrity of the hubcap seal.

Access for more details.

SuperCoils correct nose-down condition

SuperSprings International Inc's snowplow, commercial truck, van, and armored car customers have asked about a solution for their front suspension problems that stock parts were simply not addressing. Working with one of North America's premier foundries, the company developed SuperCoils.

Whether it's a snowplow, heavy-duty bumper and winch, armor plating, or simply a sagging front end; SuperSprings now stocks SuperCoils designed to fit Ford, GM, and Dodge applications. Truck manufacturers have recently put a greater emphasis on comfort, resulting in trucks fitted with snowplows having a constant forward-down-rake (nose-down) position. SuperCoils easily remedy this and level the vehicle.

SuperCoils' features and benefits include:

  • Stock items.
  • Stop “special order” delay and cut vehicle downtime.
  • Competitively priced.
  • Proven field-tested applications.
  • All-domestic production.
  • Easy-to-read vehicle application sheet.

Phone toll-free at 866-898-0720 with any questions.

E-Z Flex replaces standard equalizers

Dexter Axle has introduced the E-Z Flex Heavy Duty Rubber Equalizer Suspension System. The E-Z Flex system simply replaces the standard equalizer and works with the trailer's existing leaf springs to improve ride performance.

During travel, E-Z Flex pivots and compresses to isolate and absorb damaging road shocks before they are sent to the trailer's frame and contents. This can deliver up to an 80% reduction in trailer vertical acceleration when compared with a standard equalizer. E-Z Flex features include:

  • Resilient rubber core isolates and absorbs damaging road shocks

  • Sears seats provided in Internationals

    Delivers smoother towing than traditional leaf spring suspensions

  • Retrofits to existing leaf spring suspensions by replacing the standard equalizer

  • Easy installation requires no welding or cutting of the trailer's frame or hangers

  • Phillips Quick Connect Plug gets patented

    E-Z Flex will not change the ride height of a trailer

  • Available in 33“ and 35“ sizes for tandem-axle trailers

  • Backed by Dexter's standard two-year limited warranty

Eaton takes VORAD to a higher safety level

Phone 574-295-7888 for complete details.

Sears Seating has entered into an agreement with International Truck and Engine Corp to provide its dealers nationwide with the ability to order and supply Sears Atlas truck seats as published options on International branded trucks.

Sears Seating Atlas 70 Series Standard line is available in the 8000 Series and 9000 Series of International trucks, along with the Atlas 70 Premium Comfort series in the 9000 Series. The Atlas Elite 80 series and its 70 premium Comfort series will also be available in International's ProStar trucks. Those trucks feature an on-center steering system, a four-point cab suspension system, recessed sleeper windows that enhance visibility and ventilation, and automotive-like wheel controls.

It took nearly two years of research and development, user surveys, and interviews to develop the line of seats. The line of seats includes four different series, including the Elite 80 Series, the 70 Premium Comfort Series, the 70 Series, and the 35 Series.

Utility makes Stemco system standard

Phillips Industries has been issued a United States patent covering its Quick Connect Plug (QCP). The patented design of the QCP makes changing plug ends on electrical cables quick and easy because it's only necessary to unscrew one set screw, unplug the quick-connect cartridge insert, and plug in a new one. Because there is no need to replace the entire cable assembly or the plug, replacement costs are limited.

The disposable cartridges feature floating solid brass pins that offer a positive plug/socket connection and greater conductivity. QCP also fights the effects of corrosion on electrical performance because the molded connectors block contaminants from entering the front and rear of the plug.

E-mail Travis Hopkey at [email protected] for further details.

Webb adds three rear disc brake rotors

Eaton Corp has introduced its new VORAD VS-400 safety system, which is available on a limited basis beginning in April 2007 with full production availability in June 2007. The system will let customers select and purchase any one or all of the safety-related VORAD offerings. These include a standard collision warning system with forward-looking radar, Blindspotter side sensor, and SmartCruise adaptive cruise control.

PSI adds new markings to MTIS hoses

The extraction and real-time wireless transfer of data (such as following distance) is now provided through a subscription to the safety package of Eaton's Fleet Resource Manager, powered by @Road, a web-based mobile resource management tool. The launch also includes the introduction of a new 77-GHz radar and a new driver interface unit.

Additional VORAD offerings may be purchased separately or together as one package, and do not require a subscription to Fleet Resource Manager.

Access for more details.

Utility Trailer Manufacturing Co has made the five-year Stemco Platinum Performance System the standard wheel end equipment on all reefers, dry vans, flatbeds, and the Tautliner, including the 3000R reefer and 4000D-X thin-wall dry van.

Reducing downtime, the Platinum Performance System is backed by a five-year warranty. It includes the Stemco Guardian HP Oil Seal, the Stemco PRO-TORQ Spindle Nut, and Stemco integrated Sentinel hubcap.

E-mail Brett Olsen at [email protected] for more details.

The Aftermarket Division of Webb Wheel Products Inc has added three new rotors to its product offering. The 15.00 x 1.435 rear disc brake rotors, part numbers 54280P, 54281P, and 54282P, will be shipped in individual boxes identified with the Webb part number. Webb rotors are made from a high grade of cast iron for long service life, have corrosion protection coating, and are continuously examined and refined through testing for maximum performance and accountability. Additional specifications and cross-reference information for these new part numbers can be found at

Pressure Systems International has added clearly identifiable markings to the flexible valve stem connection hoses of the Meritor Tire Inflation System (MTIS) by PSI. The new look incorporates a yellow stripe and the PSI name so they can be clearly recognized as proprietary MTIS hoses.

The MTIS connection hose carries air into the tire and is critical to the performance of the system.

E-mail [email protected] for more information.

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