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Thermo King offers evaporator systems

Thermo King is unveiling the new BE-550 lightweight bulkhead evaporator for small to mid-size shuttle and school bus applications to help ensure passenger comfort in vehicles where headroom clearance is an issue. This product will be available to original equipment manufacturer installers in the first quarter of 2013.

The new bulkhead evaporator is a split system that can be mounted in the front, rear, or both bulkhead areas of a vehicle. In general, this unit offers advantages that include:

•Approximately 40% smaller by volume and more than 20% lighter in weight

•Approximate airflow improvement of more than 5%

•Approximately 20% greater in capacity

Three speed blowers provide optimal pulldown on the evaporator to maximize passenger comfort. The blowers and the return-air filter are easily accessible for maintenance.

The evaporator can accommodate either right-side or left-side refrigeration and electrical connections. It features a flexible mounting arrangement and is compatible with skirt-mount and roof condensers.

Thermo King also is offering the SA-600 skirt-mounted condenser and evaporator system in two new offerings: the SA-400 skirt-mounted condenser and evaporator, designed for smaller shuttle bus applications; and the SA-800 evaporator, designed for the largest shuttle bus applications. The SA-800 evaporator features dual refrigeration circuits, providing a redundant air-conditioning loop to maximize uptime.

Condensers feature micro-channel coils in lieu of standard fin-and-tube designs for better performance and a refrigerant charge that is 66% lower than previous versions.

Total system charge reduction for the units is estimated at 30% due to the micro-channel condensers. The height of the skirt-mounted condensers is reduced by about 17%.

Condenser designs provide optimized fan placement for improved airflow through the coils. The filter/drier in the condensers is mounted in an easy-to-access location. Evaporator blowers can be replaced quickly without having to remove the entire unit cover or blower frame assemblies. The return air filter is at the rear of the evaporator section in a swing-out frame for replacement in seconds.

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