Web-based TriPac calculator shows ROI

Thermo King has introduced an ROI (return on investment) calculator for its TriPac Auxiliary Idle Reduction and Temperature Management System. This online tool helps users understand the financial benefits of purchasing and operating TriPac systems and the relatively short period of time in which the systems can pay for themselves.

TriPac allows truckers to eliminate unnecessary idling and save money while providing engine preheating, battery charging, climate control, and power in truck cabs.

Customers access www.thermoking.com/tripac and click on the “TriPac Savings Calculator” button. They may then follow the prompts and will be shown what the annual cost of their idling is, what that cost would be with TriPac, what their annual savings would be, and how long it would take for the TriPac system to pay for itself.

Users can then generate a detailed report for either a single tractor or an entire fleet, showing fuel usage, maintenance, and operating cost comparisons. They can also request a quote on a TriPac system from a Thermo King dealer.

E-mail Kim Thorsen at [email protected] for more information.

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