Volvo offers trucks and equipment to New York City

The Volvo Group today offered its assistance to New York City as it recovers from Tuesday’s terrorist attack. In a letter to New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, AB Volvo president Leif Johansson offered to donate Volvo and Mack trucks and equipment for the city to use.

“The thousands of people of Volvo in the United States and the Volvo Group worldwide stand together with the people of New York and The United States in this difficult hour of need,” Johansson wrote. “We are available to you, Mr. Mayor, and to the Office of Emergency Management to provide all possible assistance.”

Johannson said he was in the Volvo Group North America office on Lexington Ave. in Manhattan at the time of the terrorist acts. Volvo’s office is 2.8 miles north of the World Trade Center.

“We at Volvo, if possible, would like to extend a helpful hand since we have an extensive network of factories and dealerships in this region,” Johannson wrote. “We will make these vehicles available whenever and wherever needed to assist New York City.”

Johannson’s offerings include Volvo and Mack heavy-duty trucks and construction equipment, such as wheel loaders, dump trucks, excavators, motor graders.

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