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Truck cap sales volume matches 2001 levels

Sales of truck caps in 2002 were virtually unchanged from their 2001 level, according to research compiled by the Truck Cap & Accessory Alliance (TCAA) and SEMA Research and Information Center (RIC).

The industry sold 285,434 truck caps in 2002, compared with 287,479 sold in 2001. Sales in 2002 were down 0.7% from the previous year. Fiberglass caps continued to dominate the market, accounting for nearly 90% of all caps produced in 2002. Manufacturers produced 255,740 fiberglass caps in 2002 and 29,694 made of aluminum. Sales appeared to stabilize in 2002. In 1999, manufacturers sold 367,183 truck caps. Demand fell to 316,803 (-14%) in 2000 and to 287,479 in 2001.

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