Sulfur-free gas and diesel debut in Scotland

BP is now offering sulfur-free unleaded and diesel at 18 fueling stations in Edinburgh, Scotland, the company announced, making it the first city in the world to offer those fuels. According to BP, the new fuels are the cleanest petrol and diesel fuels available in the UK, containing virtually no sulfur. Sulfur Free Petrol and Sulfur Free Diesel are allowed to have a maximum sulfur content of 10 ppm. But the amount is so small that it is barely detectable with laboratory test methods, which is why it is commonly referred to as 'sulfur free' or 'zero sulfur,' BP said. The fuels fuels are produced at BP's Grangemouth refinery in east Scotland. The plant is able to manufacture sulfur-free fuels for the Edinburgh market, and is the only UK facility with hydrocracking technology. "BP is committed to developing fuels that maximize performance but minimize exhaust emissions," said Graham Sims, BP's head of UK retail. "We are working in all aspects of our industry towards lowering emissions for the future, and believe that people share our commitment to a cleaner environment through choosing cleaner fuels. Edinburgh is just the first step."

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