Refuse Truck/Street-Sweeper Industry Report

A report on the global manufacturing of refuse truck bodies and street sweepers is available from (SVN), a market research consulting and business publications firm.

The study examines the industry from the standpoint of fabricators that match specific truck bodies to purchased chassis to provide dedicated vocational vehicles for refuse truck and street-sweeping applications. Around 126 manufacturers across the globe are analyzed with sales volumes, employee numbers, and a breakdown of the markets by geographic regions.

Some of the findings contained in the report are:

  • Estimated global dollar sales for refuse truck bodies and street sweepers are more than $2 billion.

  • Refuse truck bodies account for $1.46 billion in sales, while street sweepers amount to around $568 million.

  • While the industry consists of numerous players and is highly fragmented, the top 10 manufacturers of bodies for these applications account for 46.7% of total industry dollar sales worldwide.

  • Rear loaders are the most common refuse truck body with 61% of world refuse truck body sales.

  • Mechanical sweepers lead street-sweeping products with 79.2% of world street sweeper sales.

The 417-page report is available as a complete study titled World Refuse Truck/Body & Street Sweeper Manufacturing Industry, or by individual sections for each of the two product segments, as well as a separate section for company profiles. Further information is available at, or phone 209-576-8021.

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