Pilot to Provide DEF “At-the-Pump”

Pilot Travel Centers, the nation's largest retail operator of travel centers with more than 325 owned or licensed retail interstate locations in 40 states, announced plans to be the first to carry diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) “at the pump” for selective catalytic reduction (SCR) equipped trucks.

The company’s initial rollout plans call for the fluid to be economically available in bulk at more than 100 Pilot Travel Center locations nationwide beginning in mid-to-late 2009.

Pilot’s decision to offer diesel exhaust fluid “at the pump” will maximize affordability and convenience for truckers and is one of the final infrastructure elements to be put into place for truck fleets and owner-operator customers planning to use SCR emissions control technology to meet 2010 emissions standards. The company’s commitment ensures supplies of the fluid will be conveniently available during normal fuel fill-ups by truck drivers anywhere in the country, and will help to lead the way for new 2010 SCR-equipped trucks to run at near-zero emission levels.

Virtually all of the heavy-duty engines in volume production today that will continue to be sold after the new standards take effect will utilize SCR to comply with the standard, optimizing fuel consumption and drive-ability for their owners.

In addition to offering diesel exhaust fluid “at-the-pump” at more than 100 locations, all Pilot Travel Centers will carry pre-packaged top-off quantities of the fluid for SCR-equipped trucks.

“By working with Detroit Diesel Corporation and Daimler Trucks North America, as well as other OEMs, we’ve begun to learn a lot more about SCR and the infrastructure needed to support this beneficial new technology,” said Mark Hazelwood, executive vice president.

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