Oshkosh, Daimler Trucks North America Reach Agreement

Oshkosh, Daimler Trucks North America Reach Agreement

Oshkosh Corporation announced today that Daimler Trucks North America LLC, a Daimler AG Company, will supply engines to the Oshkosh Corporation Fire & Emergency businesses. Daimler will provide the 2010 EPA emissions standards-compliant Detroit Diesel DD13 diesel engines to Pierce Manufacturing, North America’s largest manufacturer of fire and rescue apparatus. The DD13 is an advanced design that offers seamless integration of BlueTec selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology without compromising power, fuel economy or performance.

Daimler has manufactured more than 200,000 SCR diesel trucks in Europe and around the world. The Detroit Diesel DD13 has demonstrated up to five percent better fuel economy than preceding engines, while delivering greater serviceability, power and torque on-demand.

“We want to provide fire departments the option of achieving the most stringent emissions targets while maximizing engine performance and reducing fuel consumption,” said Wilson Jones, Oshkosh Corporation executive vice president and Fire & Emergency president. “The strategic relationship with Daimler allows our customers the choice of advanced emissions control technology and the proven performance and reliability of Detroit Diesel engines.”

“Daimler sees significant opportunity to work with Oshkosh Corporation and Pierce Manufacturing to develop the Detroit Diesel engines as the best performance solution for its customers to meet the upcoming 2010 EPA heavy-duty on-highway emissions standards,” said Mark Lampert, senior vice president of sales for Daimler Trucks North America.

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