Knapheide distributors qualify for 1848 Club

KNAPHEIDE Manufacturing, Quincy IL, honored its top distributors at a special dinner during The Work Truck Show in Atlanta.

Winning membership into the Knapheide 1848 Club for the first time were Commercial Truck and Van Equipment, Dealers Truck Equipment, Kaffenbarger Truck Equipment, Knapheide Truck Equipment Southeast, Steelfab, and Layton Truck Equipment Co LLC.

Companies winning the award for multiple years included:

Second-time winners: A M Truck Equipment, Canfield Equipment Service, Hudson River Truck and Trailer, Knapheide Truck Equipment Mid-South (Midland, NC), Knapheide Truck Equipment Mid-South (Hope Mills, NC).

Third-time winners: Bus Andrews Truck Equipment, Bert's Truck Equipment of Moorhead, Jim Campen Trailer Sales, Kalida Truck Equipment, Maddock Machinery Corporation, and Unicell Body Co.

Fourth-time winners: Adscom Corporation, Bedco Truck Equipment, Cortez Truck Equipment, Dejana Truck and Utility Equipment Company of Mid Atlantic, O G Hughes & Sons, Owens Truck Equipment, Sierra Truck Body & Equipment, and Zoresco Equipment Company.

Fifth-time winners: Ameri-Tech Equipment, Caspers' Truck Equipment, Pacific Truck Colors.

Sixth-time winners: Commercial Truck & Van Equipment, Dealers Truck Equipment, Seely Equipment and Supply, Truck Equipment Inc, Truk'Quip, Unicell Body Co.

Seventh-time winners: Auto Safety House, Bob's Services, Inc, Dealers Truck Equipment Co (Little Rock AR and Buda TX), Dejana Truck and Utility Equipment Company of New England, Fort Wayne Fleet Equipment Co, Meyer Truck Equipment, and Regional Truck Equipment Co.

Eighth-time winners: Kalida Truck Equipment Inc, J & J Truck Equipment.

Ninth-time winners: Cherokee Truck Equipment, Fontaine Truck Equipment (Ft Lauderdale), General Truck Body, Wilbar Truck Equipment.

Tenth-time winners: Aerial Truck Equipment, Allied Truck Equipment, Carter Industries, Fontaine Truck Equipment (Indianapolis).

Eleventh-time winners: Clark Truck Equipment, Knapheide Truck Equipment Center (St Louis), and Wilbar Truck Equipment.

Twelfth-time winners: Fontaine Truck Equipment (Louisville), Lodi Equipment, Manning Equipment, and Moxley's Truck Equipment.

Thirteenth-time winners: Kaffenbarger Truck Equipment, and Fontaine Truck Equipment (Charlotte, NC).

Fourteenth-time winners: Baker Truck Equipment, Lee Transport Equipment, and Truck Utilities Inc.

Fifteenth-time winners: Fontaine Truck Equipment (Nashville), and H & K Truck Equipment.

Sixteenth-time winners: Frontier Truck Equipment & Parts Co, and Perfection Truck Parts & Equipment.

Seventeenth-time winners: Dejana Truck and Utility Equipment Company, Kaffenbarger Truck Equipment, Shade Equipment, Truck Equipment Sales, and W A Messer Co.

Eighteenth-time winners: Drake-Scruggs Equipment, Fontaine Truck Equipment (Forest Park GA), Nelson Truck Equipment.

Nineteenth-time winners: Fontaine Truck Equipment (Birmingham AL), Layton Truck Equipment, and Zoresco Equipment Company.

Twentieth-time winner: General Truck Equipment and Trailer Sales.

Twenty-first-time winners: Knapheide Truck Equipment (Flint MI).

Twenty-second-time winners: Knapheide Truck Equipment Centers (Jefferson City MO, Kansas City MO, and Quincy IL).

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