Grote training program covers truck lighting

Grote Industries offers Grote Know How, a new training program covering truck lighting and electrical systems.

This first volume of a two-volume set concentrates on:

  • The basics of electricity.
  • Essentials of vehicle lighting.
  • Heavy-truck safety regulations.
  • Connections, wire, and cable selection.
  • Understanding the entire Grote system.

Grote Know-How is designed to give the participant a good working understanding of the basics of vehicle electrical systems, as well as the special requirements of vehicle safety and lighting systems for medium- and heavy-duty trucks.

The program consists of six key elements:

  • Self-study guides — Two volumes covering the basics of vehicle electrical systems, selection of correct product, installation and troubleshooting.

  • Internet course — An interactive self-study course available over the Internet.

  • Shop and store posters — Color posters highlighting key concepts in installation and troubleshooting.

  • Fleet night tech tips — Illustrated solution sheets for the most common lighting problems.

  • Participating distributor certification — Recognition of test completions from everyone at a fleet, distributor, or jobber site.

  • VoTech school support program — Specially created materials to help vocational/technical schools teach the basics of vehicle safety systems.

These materials are free of charge to fleets and full-line Grote distributors. For more information, phone 800-457-9540 or access

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