Ford recalls 2008 Diesel Super Duty trucks

Ford Motor Co said it was recalling 37,400 of its new 2008-model-year F-Series Super Duty trucks with 6.4-liter diesel engines after reported tailpipe fires.

Ford said it had received reports of three cases where leaking fuel or oil ignited when trapped in a diesel particulate filter (DPF) near the tailpipe of the new trucks.

The recall represents the second glitch since the January launch of the new Super Duty trucks.

The heavy-duty work truck is one of the automaker's most profitable vehicles, and its sales success has been seen as key as Ford tries to rebound from a $12.7 billion loss in 2006.

Ford dealers were advised on Wednesday to stop selling the roughly 29,000 Super Duty trucks with 6.4-liter diesel engines on their lots until engine control software can be updated.

Super Duty trucks still awaiting shipment from the Louisville KY plant that makes them will have their engine control software updated there.

Customers with the first 8,400 diesel Super Duty trucks already on the roads will be notified that they should bring their vehicles into dealerships for the same fix.

Gasoline-powered versions of the Super Duty and previous model-year diesel trucks with 6.0-liter or 7.3-liter engines are not affected by the recall.

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