FMCSA calls for removal of 300 hazardous cargo tanks

The DOT’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) today announced that it has identified more than 300 cargo tanks equipped with rear-end protection devices that do not comply with specifications in the federal hazardous materials regulations and required that these tanks be removed from hazardous-materials transportation service. These certified designs were sold to Bulk Truck and Transport in Hanover, IN and Eagle Fabrication and Repair, Oak Harbor, OH. These companies subsequently used the designs to manufacture rear-end protection devices and install them on cargo tanks. The rear-end protection devices in question were designed and certified by Chemical Transportation Equipment Consultants of Lubbock, TX, which is no longer in business. The cargo tanks are being prohibited from being used to haul hazardous materials because their rear-end protection devices, built to CTEC's designs, do not meet minimum regulatory requirements. The tanks primarily transport anhydrous ammonia, propane and other compressed gases. Failure of the protection devices in a rear impact collision may cause the cargo tanks to leak, which could result in serious injury, death and property damage. FMCSA also is requesting documentation from the owners of these tanks showing that modifications have brought these cargo tanks into compliance or that the tanks have been removed from hazardous materials service.

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