Fleets may boost Class 8 truck sales, Power survey says

Fleets say they intend to purchase more new Class 8 trucks in the future, according to JD Power’s 2003 Heavy Duty Truck Customer Satisfaction Survey. “While some of the upward sales momentum in 2002 may have been driven by the changing emissions regulations with ‘pre-buying,’ rising intentions to buy are a good sign for the industry,” said Linda Schulz, partner in transportation industry practice at JD Power. However, just 39% said they would repurchase the same make again – down from 44% in 2002.The study was based on responses from 2,675 primary maintainers of 2-year-old Class 8 trucks. The average fleet size was 64 trucks.Peterbilt ranked highest in customer satisfaction in over-the-road trucks, with Kenworth also performing above average in the segment. Peterbilt also ranked first in the vocation segment, followed by Western Star. Peterbilt was highest in dealer service, followed by Mack.

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