Fleet Study Indicates Slow Demand for Trucks

The 2009 Fleet Study conducted by CK Commercial Vehicle Research indicates a likely slow demand for new 2010 EPA compliant power units when they are initially introduced. Respondents to the study were wary of committing to placing orders for the new equipment in the first half of 2010. Even the 42% of respondents who said they might place orders characterized, on average, the actual probability that trucks would be purchased in the first six months of 2010 at 50%.

The 2009 fleet study analyzes data received during September and October from for-hire, private and government fleets operating in excess of 51,000 medium and heavy duty power units and 84,000 trailers. In addition to the 2010 equipment demand analysis, the 2009 report includes fleet preferences for engine technology as well as brake technology to meet the new stopping distance regulations, vehicle characteristics with average annual miles being driven and average age of equipment segmented by fleet type. Respondents to the study also answered questions regarding their maintenance practices, replacement part purchases, specification and warranty preferences, and other industry issues. Information included in the report will be valuable to any component or equipment supplier, distributor or manufacturer interested in understanding and satisfying the needs of the end user in the heavy duty transportation industry. A synopsis of the report along with ordering information can be found at www.ckcvr.com under Annual Industry Fleet Study link.

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