Polk Forecasts Increased Demand For Diesel Engine Parts

With the age of the commercial fleet of Class 3-8 vehicles increasing and probability of a further increase in the cost of new commercial vehicles as a result of increased regulations on diesel engine emissions in 2010, R. L. Polk & Co. today announced initial key findings of its new Diesel Engine Parts Replacement analysis, which provides valuable information for its customers in the commercial vehicle market. The new solution is targeted to engine manufacturers and parts suppliers as well as parts distributors that are planning inventory strategies.

Key findings from the report indicate market demand for 221,000 new in-frame kits by owners of GVW 6-8 vehicles over the next 12 months. In addition, it is estimated that 258,000 turbochargers are required in the aftermarket for commercial vehicles GVW 3-8 in the coming year.

The Diesel Engine Parts Replacement Analysis is the fifth in a series of aftermarket demand modules for the commercial vehicle industry. Conducted by Polk together with Commercial Motor Vehicle Consulting (CMVC), the analysis identifies the demand for nine specific diesel engine components, including fuel injectors, turbochargers, full engine replacements and overhaul kits. It also details the replacement demand for original equipment versus aftermarket components, as well as salvage parts.

The basis of the study is the development of replacement factors by engine manufacturer, engine part and the vehicle’s GVW. These factors are then applied to vehicle populations and can be compiled by vehicle and engine manufacturer, engine size, specific vehicle location (including ZIP code) and fleet operation. “The Diesel Engine Parts Replacement analysis helps OEMs and aftermarket customers better prepare for market demand for replacement parts in commercial fleets,” said Mark Seng, vice president of sales and client services for Polk. “With more organizations keeping their fleet vehicles in operation longer, this solution will help aftermarket suppliers and OEMs best identify specific inventory needs.”

The Polk Diesel Engine Replacement Module can be customized to meet specific customer needs and is available at various geographic levels. Vehicle populations are updated quarterly, with an annual update available for the replacement factors. With nearly 80 percent of all new GVW 3-8 vehicles registered in the first half of 2009 being powered by a diesel engine, Polk also expects this solution will continue to be a key resource for customers in the future as these vehicles require replacement parts.

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