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Literature details Roll-Rite 6200 Series

New literature is available from Roll-Rite on its 6200 Series window-shade tarp system designed for light-duty dumps using up to 16 feet of tarp.

Suitable for groundskeeping, landscaping, and light-duty construction, the 6200 Series has a smooth-operating window-shade pullout mechanism with fast, spring-powered roll-up action. No cranking is required to retract the tarp into its polished aluminum tarp spool, shaped to deflect the wind. Tie-down accessories are included to keep the tarp tucked behind the cab guard, which also reduces wind interference.

The tarp specified for the 6200 Series is a mesh fabric woven with polyester twisted strands coated with UV-resistant PVC for strength and breathability to contain fine particles yet minimize flapping. Mesh fabric is designed to meet coverage requirements for sand, gravel and other general landscaping debris loads. The tarp features additional reinforcements including a 2“-wide edge binding sewn on both sides.

Literature includes an “Easy Spec” page so tarps can be ordered by following instructions and taking a few measurements. With a Roll-Rite tarp purchase, pre-installation of the tarp on the window-shade system is offered at no added cost. E-mail [email protected] for a free copy of this literature.

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