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Keystone Automotive launches mobile data app

Keystone Automotive Operations recently launched a new app that puts the power of its eKeystone business-to-business system into any mobile device.

“Access to information when and where a person needs it was a fundamental consideration in the building of our app for mobile devices,” said Harneet Kaur, director of marketing at Keystone. “Fast, convenient and thoughtful access to data, tools and sales resources that make our customers’ lives better and more productive was the objective, and the result we achieved.”

Shop owners are often in front of the counter, out in the parking lot looking at a customer’s vehicle, making a dealer sales call, or in the shop working on a vehicle build. This app gives them the flexibility to access eKeystone tools anywhere they work.

“In addition to being able to access all the power and resources available on eKeystone, it goes even further,” said Fred Petrivelli, Keystone’s vice president of sales. “One of the new features is VIN Lookup, which has been on our desired feature list for a long time.”

The app harnesses mobile device technology, including voice-to-text capability to allow users to search for products simply by saying a category or brand, and utilizes the camera to scan QR, UPC and vehicle VIN numbers and VIN barcodes, the company said. This scanning capability takes the mobile app from retail sales driver to store management tool for inventory control and other store functions like pricing, labels and ordering.

The eKeystone app includes all the data in Keystone’s B2B system. Subscribers can access 800,000-plus cataloged SKUs, 400,000 images, 20,000 videos, 40,000 installation instructions and more.

“When you put a tool like this to work in a live business environment the possibilities for improving customer service and sales are endless,” Petrivelli said.

The app is now available for download on the iTunes App Store and Google Play and immediately available to existing Premium eKeystone users. Once loaded onto a user’s device, the app is activated using the customer’s eKeystone account login information.


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