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JOST Opens New Factory in India

JOST India Auto Component opened its new production plant in Jamshedpur, where 100 employees are producing fifth wheel couplings for the Indian market.

“Thanks to the production of our technologically leading products here, we can now serve the Indian market better and more quickly,” CEO Lars Brorsen said.

As previously done with other important markets such as China, the USA or South Africa, JOST decided last year to invest in its own production plants in India. After fewer than 14 months of construction time, production of fifth wheel couplings has now begun.

The production plant in Jamshedpur is located in close proximity to the largest Indian truck manufacturer, Tata Motors. JOST India Auto Component had already signed an agreement with Tata for long-term supply of fifth wheel couplings. As the major supplier, JOST has invested in its own production plant in the region of the biggest commercial vehicle plant in India, thus committing itself to a long-term co-operation with the Indian truck producer.

After a brief start-up period, they will be able to manufacture up to 50,000 fifth wheel couplings annually in the new plant. The new factory also has an ultra modern plant for e-coating (KTL). This process, which is used to lastingly, reliably protect JOST products against corrosion, is absolutely free of solvents and therefore particularly health and environment friendly.

More information on JOST India is available at

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