Hendrickson Launches Lighter Steer Axle, New Lift Axles

A new Steertek front steer axle from Hendrickson Truck Suspension Systems offers weight savings of up to 40 lbs. compared to traditional I-beam axles, said the company. The Airtek integrated front air suspension and steer axle system for Freightliner Cascadia and Coronado models and Western Star 4900 models, is rated at 12,500 lb. capacity. The axle includes lightweight springs, innovative leaf springs and optimized design of the front and rear frame brackets.

“The Hendrickson Steertek axle has sold well in Freightliner models due to its light weight and strong performance,” said Ben Smith, manager of product strategy for Daimler Trucks North America. “With the new 12,500 lb [capacity], Steertek is well positioned for our customers’ needs.”

Steertek’s rigid, box-shaped design resists twisting forces more effectively than traditional I-beams, while the patented two-piece knuckle assembly simplifies kingpin bushing serviceability, Hendrickson said. In addition, integrated steering arm and tie rod attachments increase strength and further reduce weight, providing greater durability and helping to reduce maintenance costs. It is also available with mechanical leaf spring suspensions up to 12,500 lbs.

Hendrickson also released a new series of lift axles in 10,000 and 13,000-lb. capacities.

The Composilite Steerable Compliant SC series includes patent-pending Compliant Tie Rod (CTR) with PerfecTrak technology, a flexible tie-rod assembly and dampening system.

The Composilite SC features reduced system weight and minimized package space. Hendrickson said it also offers the first flexible tie-rod and dampened lift axle design. A 20,000-lb. capacity axle will also be available.

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