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Dome lamp for reefer use

Grote Industries announced that its new 61F61 infrared motion-activated dome lamp is in stock and shipping. It is part of the firm's line of automated LED WhiteLight dome lamps.

Scott Robertson, product manager of forward and interior lighting at Grote, said, “Our new 61F61 was designed specifically with the challenges of the reefer environment in mind.”

Moisture intrusion is the main cause of lamp failure in refrigerated environments, and the humidity level within many reefers hovers at around 100%. Grote's experience with refrigerated carriers allowed it to develop and field-test a sealed-sensor design that effectively blocks moisture, even during spray testing.

High humidity is also the enemy of on-off switches, often causing corrosion and compromising switch operation over time.

“This dome lamp removes the on-off switch from the equation, along with inevitable loose wires, additional parts, and installation time,” Robertson said. “Even if the end-user chooses to retain an on-off switch and simply leaves it in the ‘on’ position, the reduced use will help extend its life.”

The 61F61's passive infrared motion sensor is calibrated to recognize the human heat signature, so when a person moves within six feet, he activates the lamp. The lamp remains on while activity is detected and stays on for three minutes after the last human motion.

Shifting loads and falling objects will not activate the motion sensor, and the lamp is engineered to operate in a reefer environment. The 61F61 is made with an aluminum housing, a replaceable acrylic lens, and a self-resetting internal cut-off switch to protect against excessive current.

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