Trailer adds safety to handling combines

United Specialized Trailers has introduced the AG-70-HFG-CS combine trailer. Combine loading and transportation is generally regarded as dangerous and tedious. However, using the new AG-70-HFG-CS trailer, combines can be easily, efficiently, and safely loaded.

The trailer has a lower overall loaded height of approximately 16 inches. This provides a lower center of gravity that results in a more stable ride and accommodates equipment of greater height. The AG-70-HFG-CS has a patent-pending adjustable deck width that allows the combine to straddle the trailer. The trailer's hydraulics raise and lower the combine, which eliminates use of jacks for blocking and tire removal. This also allows tires to be removed and installed at a low height, making the task safer.

To achieve an adjustable deck width, the trailer has specialized flip-ups and pull-outs. Flip-ups allow the trailer to have a standard deck width of 8'-6"; when the flip-ups are down, the trailer width is 7'. Pull-outs allow the trailer to have additional widths of 10' and 11'-6".

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