TTMA Chairman Glenn Harney left greets Lieutenant General David Fridovich prior to Fridovichrsquos presentation at the TTMA convention

TTMA Chairman Glenn Harney, left, greets Lieutenant General David Fridovich prior to Fridovich’s presentation at the TTMA convention.

Former deputy commander of Special Operations Command urges TTMA members to hire soldiers returning to society

LIEUTENANT General David Fridovich, the former deputy commander of the US Special Operations Command (USSOC), knows the intelligence and leadership of the special operations soldiers who serve the country all over the world.

What tears at his heart is the confusion and disappointment they suffer when they leave the command and return to society.

Fridovich, who retired on November 14, 2011, after more than 37 years of service in the US Army, encouraged the TTMA members to consider hiring the former soldiers.

“I'm concerned about guys getting the care and treatment they've earned,” he said. “I believe the country and the system owes them something. They earned it.

“You have a great opportunity. That opportunity is to take one of these free-thinking, industrious, disciplined, hard-working men or women and bring them into your organization, with the notion that they might not have great math skills, but they also have been in places or situations where they can just about figure it out. They're going to take their passion for who they are and what they've done and bring it to you.

Fridovich said their motivation and dedication take them to the highest level.

“Our people volunteer first in the military and then underwater demolitions training or something unique, then chose themselves a third time as a volunteer to go through the selection course that allows them to be trained to be a Green Beret, Ranger, or SEAL or special operations agent. They get trained at a level that's much higher. These guys are phenomenal.

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