CIMC: a brief background

Few companies in the transportation business have experienced the growth of China Intermodal Marine Container (CIMC).

Formed January 1, 1980 in Shenzhen, China, the company generated 48.76 billion ($71.1 billion) in sales in 2007 and 3.16 billion RMB ($461 million) in profits. Over the past decade, revenues have increased an average of 29% annually, and profits on average have grown 34%.

CIMC employs an estimated 60,000 people worldwide. The company has more than 100 subsidiaries and has operations around the globe. Its Shenzhen CIMC Vehicles Company (SCVC) alone owns about 194,000 square meters of property, with 83,400 square meters (20.6 acres) under roof.

SCVC supplies manufactures 30 different vehicle models, including container chassis, flatbeds, concrete mixers, and van trailers for the Chinese domestic market. Since 2004, the company has sold chassis into the Japanese market and followed that with product introductions in Southeast Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia, Viet Nam, Thailand, and India.

Container chassis for United States include a 23-ft slider, 40-ft gooseneck, 40-45-ft extendable, and 53-ft gooseneck.

Other products that CIMC produces include: passenger boarding bridges, air cargo handling systems, fire trucks, concrete pumpers, tank trailers, offshore oil rigs, modular buildings, refuse trucks, concrete mixers, railcars.

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