Ancra's Toss 'N Tie assists drivers in load securement

Ancra's Toss 'N Tie assists drivers in load securement

Ancra has introduced a new, patented Toss ‘N Tie designed to provide a safe and easy way to assist drivers during load securement. With Ancra’s new patented Toss ‘N Tie, the process of securing a load is meant to become effortless and lessen the risk of driver injury and damage to the trailer and load.

As Ancra describes the securement process: Simply attach one of Ancra’s cargo straps or cargo chains to the Toss ‘N Tie, toss the Toss ‘N Tie ball over the load in one smooth, easy motion, go to the other side, grab the cord and pull your tie down into place.  Ancra’s Toss ‘N Tie saves time when securing a load and reduces the risk of injury and pain from throwing straps over the flatbed, the company says.

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