Bonnell’s new bodies command attention

Bonnell’s new bodies command attention

Commander” evokes visions of a leader, authority, and control. That word and the word “integrity” are often associated with Bonnell Industries Inc— integrity in manufacturing, integrity in sales staff interaction with customers, and integrity in relationships with vendors and business partners.

These two concepts result in the Commander Series multi-purpose bodies exclusive to Bonnell Industries and its certified dealers. This design features a prism shape that tapers both toward the middle of the body and toward the back of the unit. The distinctive body design and heavy-duty conveyor chain or auger assembly allows for quick dispersal of materials without raising the body.

A multi-purpose dump body is able to complete a variety of tasks such as general hauling and dumping, spreading, and berming. Commander Series features include:

•Prism-shaped body design efficiently unloads a variety of materials.

•Body available in carbon steel, stainless steel, or other materials upon request. Note: Stainless steel bodies have all stainless steel tailgate hardware standard with grade 70 galvanized chain.

•Standard 30.5-inch wide conveyor width using 667xh pintle chain. Optional stainless chain and belt-over-chain or optional dual auger system.

•Rear discharge center conveyor powered by motor/planetary gearbox combination.

•Body sidewall shape provides ideal location for optional pre-wet tank system, longitudinal to body.

•Fully welded body compliant to AWS welding standards.

•Zero- to 8-inch infinite rear screw jack gate opening.

•Twin pneumatic cylinders lock tailgate into position with over-center latches.

•Reinforced long-sill and crossmember design provides superior body strength.

•Removable 0.25-inch conveyor floor.

•Grease manifolds help ensure that all critical lubrication points are serviced.

•Double-acting trunnion hoist cylinder with nitride shaft.

•1.5-inch-diameter tailgate pins on double-acting, six-panel tailgate.

•Manually adjusted conveyor chain take-up bearings.

•Stainless steel subfloor protects truck chassis.

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