Study examines refuse truck/body industry

The manufacture of various truck/bodies used for refuse applications is the subject of a study by (SVN), a market research firm that provides proprietary analysis of vocational truck market segments.

Titled Refuse Truck/Body Manufacturing Industry in North America, the study is an analysis and evaluation of the size, segmentation, growth, competition, and trends in the manufacture of key types of truck/bodies for refuse applications, including rear loaders, front loaders, automatic side loaders, manual side loaders, recyclers, roll-off hoists, and hooklifts.

According to SVN, manufacturing in all these types of refuse truck body assemblies represents a half-billion-dollar activity, with more than 30 participating companies. Specialization by specific type of product is a key industry feature. In turn, about five manufacturers account for more than 50% of value, with the remaining players covering product or regional niches.

The report provides forecasts of growth, accompanied by a breakout of market shares in units and value for the 30-plus manufacturers identified, together with descriptions of the companies, products, niches, and outlook.

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TAGS: Truck Bodies
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