NTEA, NAFA work to develop guide on vehicle specs

The NTEA is supporting the National Association of Fleet Administrators, Inc., in developing a publication to help fleet managers minimize vehicle depreciation.

The Fleet Vehicle Acquisition and Disposal Guide will teach the fundamental concept of reducing life-cycle vehicle costs by minimizing net acquisition cost, maximizing net disposal revenue and selecting vehicles, financing methods, holding periods and disposal methods to minimize depreciation.

It aims to make fleet managers aware of all aspects involved in the specification process and focuses on all of the equipment involved, rather than only the chassis. The guide also works to instruct fleet managers in the involvement of professionals inside and outside of the operation, such as end-users, other managers and supervisors and truck equipment professionals.

The Fleet Vehicle Acquisition and Disposal Guide is an ongoing project expected to be available in early 2005. The benefits of the Guide are the development of a training tool designed to guide fleet managers through the process of acquiring and disposing of their fleet vehicles and the establishment of a uniform approach to vehicle specifications. It allows commercial truck and transportation equipment industry professionals the opportunity to share their years of experience with fleet managers throughout North America.

For additional information, contact NTEA Business Development Director Doyle Sumrall at (330) 283-2176, or e-mail [email protected]

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