New Centennial Goes to The Extreme

New Centennial Inc has unveiled its latest addition to the beverage delivery market, The Extreme. This 30-ft refrigerated route trailer can deliver more than 75 kegs with less driver fatigue than conventional side- or rear-load bodies or trailers. Its low ground-to-floor height and multiple wide-access doors provide greater efficiency and a more ergonomic way of loading and unloading product.

This design incorporates crossmembers into the frame design to lower the floor height without reducing ground clearance. Its vertical aluminum panel sides provide a smooth and durable exterior. The trailer's interior includes a heavy steel treadplate floor mounted to impact-absorbing oak slats and covered with a dense rubber cushion. Quarter barrel racks, interior lighting, and empties storage are also standard.

For more information, access or phone 800-241-7541.

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