International debuts MaxxForce engine brand

INTERNATIONAL TRUCK and Engine Corporation announced that beginning next year, it will offer its expanded line of on-highway engines under the MaxxForce International Diesel Power brand.

“Diesel is growing in global acceptance and with the recent acquisitions and joint-venture projects, our range of engines is growing broader,” said Greg Saele, marketing manager for the engine group. “And we want to be able to market them on a worldwide basis. Our goal is to leverage our domination in the markets where we do real well in building a brand we can take worldwide.”

The MaxxForce product line will range from a four-cylinder, 2.8-liter engine up to the company's new offerings in the 11L to 13L class. MaxxForce engine-powered International brand commercial trucks in North America will offer air- and fuel-management technologies and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) systems with the addition of advanced aftertreatment systems, to meet the 2007 EPA emissions standards for diesel engines.

The global MaxxForce line of diesels includes models for markets under European environmental regulations as well as models for stricter American EPA standards.

The new brand reflects stepped-up global sales and marketing efforts by International to grow business in Asia, India, and Eastern Europe. The International Engine Group is expanding its engine product offerings with the addition of new big bore products developed in collaboration with MAN Nutzfahrzeuge, headquartered in Germany, and with the recent acquisition and formation of MWM-International in South America.

International is the world's No. 1 diesel engine maker across the 160 to 350 horsepower range. In North America, International has nearly 50% share of the diesel pickup engine market, and International engines power 40% of medium-duty commercial trucks and buses. In South America, International serves 70% of the diesel market.

MaxxForce engines for the North American market will be made at International Engine Group's North American facilities, and MaxxForce engines for other global markets will be made at facilities of its South American subsidiary, MWM-International Motores. These facilities currently include engineering, manufacturing, and technical centers in Melrose Park, Illinois, Huntsville, Alabama, and Sao Paulo, Brazil. MWM-International also will continue to serve South American and global industrial, agricultural, and marine markets with the following product brands: Sprint Series, Acteon Series, NGD Series, 10 Series, 229 Series, and MS Series.

In other news:

  • In response to the 2007 emissions standards for diesel engines, International has invested in developing a new hood design and cooling system on its 7000 Series trucks to increase the capacity of the newer engine cooling requirements.

    International made the decision not to relocate the larger radiator down between the frame rails so that the trucks will still be able to provide front PTO options for even the most demanding stationary applications such as well-drilling, oil field, remote power generators, and field service pumpers. Additionally, the design allows for other non-stationary applications, including refuse trucks, concrete mixers, and snow plows.

    “Not only will the International 7000 Series get a new look to the hood, we are still able to provide customers with the option for front PTOs,” said Bill Sixsmith, director of severe service marketing. “With the high demands of construction, municipal, and waste industries, maintaining the front PTO option is an important feature to our customers. The new hood design provides easy access to the engine compartment for maintenance and continues with the bold look of the International 7000 Series.”

    International's new hood design includes a three-piece layout with the purpose of only having to replace one of the three components in the event of any damage. This helps the customer avoid paying a high price for an entirely new hood, when they have the option to replace just the damaged portion of the hood at a significantly lower cost. All of the parts for the new hood design will be available at the more than 900 International dealer locations across North America.

    In addition to the enhanced hood design, the new look of the International 7000 Series will include: dual air intakes, rounded headlights, hood hatch (ie for snowplow applications), robust and sturdy front fender extensions, larger bold chrome grille, and a new interior.

    The new design will accommodate International engines and engines from CAT and Cummins. The hood of the International PayStar Series - the other line of severe service trucks - will remain the same.

  • International has partnered with an industry leading tire manufacturer, Hankook Tire America Corp, to make its tires standard on all International 4000 and International CF vehicles, effective last May.

    During the evaluation period, International conducted extensive real-world product testing, quality, and plant audits. Hankook products also meet all existing Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS). In the final analysis, Hankook exceeds customer performance, support, and cost of ownership expectations.

  • International received the JD Power and Associates award for “Highest in Customer Satisfaction Among Vocational Segment Class 8 Trucks”, according to the JD Power and Associates 2006 Heavy-Duty Truck Customer Satisfaction Study.

Customer satisfaction for the vocational award is measured on four factors: performance, quality, warranty, and cost of ownership.

In addition to its top ranking in the vocational segment, International ranked second in service satisfaction. Service is an important attribute to truck owners. According to the study, respondents reported their trucks (all makes) were down an average of 4.1 times in the past year.

The vocational segment includes trucks used in applications such as construction dumps, concrete mixers, waste haulers, oil field operations, and municipal snowplows. International offers two lines of trucks for this market — the 7000 Series and PAYSTAR Series.

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