Grote expands SuperNova NexGen line

Grote Industries has expanded its SuperNova NexGen LED lamp offering with the introduction of its integrated flange four-inch stop/tail/turn and dual-system back-up lamps.

These new lamps feature a one-piece integrated flange design that mounts directly to the surface of a vehicle, eliminating the need for accessory mounting brackets or grommets. The lighting systems come with a cushioning gasket seal that keeps water and debris from getting behind the lamp while functioning as a shock-absorbing mechanism. The design also incorporates a robust, hermetic, lens-to-housing seal that resists moisture intrusion. Each lamp is designed with an environmental encapsulant potting that cradles and protects the lamp's solid-state circuit board.

The lamps' optical lens design reduces theft potential by intentionally resembling incandescent versions, but their performance on the road is nothing like their incandescent predecessors. SuperNova NexGen LEDs illuminate 200 milliseconds faster than incandescent bulbs. This faster turn-on time provides a safety benefit to the driver of the following vehicle, which can amount to more than a full car length of extra stopping distance at 65 mph.

Both the flanged four-inch stop/tail/turn and flanged dual-system back-up lamps are available with hard-shell and male-pin termination options, which allow them to make use of existing pigtails for installation flexibility and cost effective retrofitting.

The flanged four-inch stop/tail/turn lamps and flanged dual-system back-up lamps have durable acrylic lenses and housings composed of hard-coated polycarbonate material. As new members of the SuperNova NexGen product line, both lamps carry Grote's 10-year warranty.

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