VIPAR To Open Distribution Centers

VIPAR Heavy Duty announced today at its Annual Business Conference in Las Vegas that it will open parts distribution centers in the eastern and western parts of the United States. These PDC’s will become operational in the fourth quarter of 2008 with warehousing operations, cross docking opportunities and brake shoe remanufacturing.

The new business will fall under Global Parts Network, LLC (GPN), an independent company that provides seamless service support exclusively to the VIPAR Heavy Duty network of distributors and suppliers.

“We are excited to make this strategic announcement today to our distributor/shareholders,” said Steve Crowley, president and CEO, VIPAR Heavy Duty. “These new operations will enable our distributors to remain competitive with a consistent supply line. With the support of key suppliers, we believe this new initiative will be well received in the marketplace and allow us to best serve the needs of our distributors and their customers.”

A specialty of the new operation will be the assembly of new and remanufactured brake shoes and related products. The facilities will be located in key locations in the eastern and western U.S. in order for VIPAR Heavy Duty to provide timely service to its distributors and customers across North America.

For more information on VIPAR Heavy Duty, visit or email: [email protected].

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