Bendix Releases White Paper on Stability

Bendix has released a comprehensive white paper about stability technologies for commercial vehicles.

"Road Map for the Future: Making the Case for Full-Stability" is a comprehensive look at the differences between roll-only and full-stability technologies. The paper represents months of extensive research into the performance, capabilities, and limitations of roll-only and full-stability systems. And it clarifies the substantial differences in the technological approaches of the two stability options, as well as answers questions about system value, maintenance, and fleet adoption considerations.

Unlike a position paper or opinion piece, this comprehensive paper is based on facts - performance information and data from testing on various vehicles and surfaces and in a variety of weather conditions. It is intended to provide an objective comparison that enables industry participants to fully understand stability options.

By July 25, the paper will be available for downloading at

If you have any questions about the Bendix "Road Map for the Future," please contact Barbara Gould at 440-329-9609 (office)/440-225-6869 (cell)/[email protected] or Carrie Kandes at 216-292-4700, ext. 3064/ [email protected].

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